Books of Terrorism

The British government’s war on terrorism now includes some interesting books.

I saw this on Twitter and had to take a look:

The Spectator in the UK has an article from Douglas Murray about the release of an analysis from His Majesty’s government, the Prevent’s ‘Research Information and Communications Unit’ (RICU) in 2019. The report says that anyone who reads books from certain authors either individually or collectively could be suspected of right-wing indoctrination and potential terrorism. These dangerous authors include: J.R.R Tolkien, George Orwell, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Edmund Burke, Thomas Carlyle, Adlus Huxley, Joseph Conrad, and the Spectator articles author himself, Douglas Murray.

The analysis didn’t cover any extremism from Islamic fundamentalism nor from indoctrination manuals read by the benign group Antifa and it’s network of transgender radicals, and other assorted smelly vagabonds. Instead, books such as “1984”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Leviathan”, and the “Great British Railway Journeys” represent dangerous ideological philosophies that could breed hordes of patriotic comrades that fight for things like …

We interrupt this article to let you know that you are about to read what are called by competent psychologists as “trigger words”. Exposure to them could cause you to become violently ill with symptoms that may include and not limited to, increases in flatulence, cold sores, pimples, bad breath, swollen or bleeding rectal sphincter, hemorrhaging internal organs, and short bouts of sneezing. You have been warned. We return you to the article..

freedom of speech, liberty, religious worship, and perhaps some sprinkling of capitalism.

I sure hope none of you get yourself involved with these sort of maddening scripts. Otherwise, you may be subject to the same horrific persecution of the Judean People’s Liberation Front.

Stay safe out there.

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