Wait, wut?

Oh Joe..

I’m not exactly sure who Biden’s staff chatted with to put some of these statements in his speech. The message was to paint a dire picture for those with student debt as in dire straights, despite his own rhetoric that the economy was booming. The ad-lib of the Hispanic and Black Americans not owning homes is from his own heart.

As a Hispanic, I have owned three homes and never had a problem qualifying for a loan. Two of my black friends, and all of my black professional colleagues, also own homes and property. All of us had college loans and all of us have paid them off without any government assistance.

I’m not sure why Biden’s racism continues to be ignored by the media. He’s been a proactive racist his entire political career. He looks down on people of color and immigrants as his statements demonstrate despite that this policy action is clearly meant to buy votes for people of color.

His team purposely extended the Covid-19 national emergency crisis so they could leverage a law passed in response to the 9/11 attacks to forgive government owed debt. Pretty sure this constitutes corruption and abuse of power, something the media would never let Trump get away with since they would focus entirely on the fact that 60% of the relief will go to higher income families who had no trouble keeping up their payments. They would call it “favors for the rich” but are completely ignoring those same facts under Biden.

And with that, liberals are quite happy with Biden. However, it won’t last long.

Liberals want freedom – freedom from their obligations, freedom from people they don’t like, and freedom to impose their will against their opponents. The braver they get, the more they want. If recent voting trends continue, the pendulum is really going to hurt when it swings back against them.

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