The stupid just burns.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is routinely interviewed by the left, but interestingly, she has never said anything intelligent or rational. In her latest interview with Chuck Todd of Meet the Press – who probably wants to have sex with her with all the fawning he does – ol’ Sandy is letting us know that the three justices appointed by Trump are all liars.

No justice perjured themselves. Kavanaugh and Comey-Barrett were asked if Roe v. Wade was settled law and they said yes. They were asked about the concept of stare decisis in relation to Roe and the responses were the same. In essence, for any controversy before the court, they would consider precedent when deciding a question.

However, they were never asked if they would or wouldn’t overturn Roe. They couldn’t even if they wanted to because it would prejudice any case that might come before them. Indeed, the history of the court itself demonstrates quite clearly that when faced with very profound constitutional questions, the court has an obligation to correct past wrongs it created, Roe and Casey being the latest.

The Supreme Court has throughout it’s history reversed its precedents when a new controversy required it. Most of this is understood by most reasonable people when these things are explained in plain language. For Sandy, though, plain language doesn’t matter much less legal concepts. Narrative is important to her and the obvious anger she exhibits is easily capitalized by an obedient press who refuse to call out her unabashed imbecilic predilections.

She is already telling members of her party that if they aren’t pro-choice, they can’t serve in the Democrat party. While she may believe she has some sway, there are a considerable number of House and Senate members who would rather she shut up. I’m all for Sandy making the waves and even attempting to push her agenda of impeaching justices. If anything, all Democrats really had to do was be reasonable about the court’s actions which might have blunted the impending red wave.

However, some of my liberal friends have a different take. While Roe was important, economic concerns still trump the outrage. Most recognized the leak of the Alito opinion signaled the end of Roe anyway. For Democrats, it was blatant inaction on the issue itself coupled with lack of empathy for high gas prices, inflation, material shortages, and rising crime that draws the ire of their base. And Biden’s recent remarks that he is not in favor of expanding the court furthers the decline of morale.

For Sandy, she may now have an opportunity to capitalize on the struggles within her own party. Unfortunately, she can’t get out from underneath her stupidity. All we can do is shake our head. And laugh.

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