Now that I think about it…

This whole union thing among leftists is pretty funny.

This past Saturday, Apple store workers in Towson, Maryland voted to unionize despite pressure from the technology conglomerate. More and more retail outlets and warehouses from fortune 500 companies are beginning to form unions within companies that have squarely encamped themselves in the social justice war.

Companies like Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and others are experiencing growing worker discontent as staff shortages, supply-chain issues and quality-of-life concerns continue to mount. In an effort to stave off unionizing, they have raised wages and incentives for non-union employees in an attempt persuade employees to vote no.

What is ironic is how these same companies push the very progressive narratives their workers believe is important. These same companies embrace DEI (diversity, equality and inclusiveness) philosophies for pushing leftist social justice virtues in an effort to attract and retain young (and inexpensive) talent.

As Democrats fail to deliver on campaign promises of living wages, equitable outcomes, and legally enforcing inclusiveness, corporations carved out executive positions to placate social justice warriors as well as foster up-and-coming employees to love their brands. “We get you and here is our DEI officer who is responsible for ensuring social justice is part of our overall corporate strategy.”

Despite the executive waving rainbow flags and hosting internal meetings of monthly oppressed and marginalized group celebrations, workers really care about the basics: living wages, career mobility, and good (safe, inclusive, blah blah) working conditions. Some have learned very quickly that corporations aren’t beholden to happy employees; they are responsible to shareholders and Twitter employees have learned that the hard way.

The pushback is for workers to form unions. While inflation is affecting popcorn prices, hopefully, popcorn yields are continuing to climb. As I have said to numerous people in various settings, promoting social justice virtues is nice, but how does that make the service for my cup of coffee better? How does it make my coffee taste better? How does the rainbow flag positively affect the iOS update not loading on my phone? Can your anxiety about the use of imaginary pronouns improve the drive-thru time or improve the quality of my prime membership? How does a Black Lives Matter flag make my NFL game tickets cheaper for families struggling with inflation?

Social Justice activism doesn’t pay the bills nor improve outcomes except to politicians and political grifters. The people rallying at everything offensive are nothing more than pawns for political capital. Corporations want their workers to believe they are on the same side of the social justice fight. They aren’t.

The impending lesson is going to be painful. And what I look forward to is seeing these same companies try and explain to the young, naïve warriors how this was all for show in the first place.

I would bet many an investor is hoping the age of the rainbow and alphabet gibberish is coming to an end. Biden and the Democrats failed economic policies are only going to hasten it.

Pass the butter.

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