CBS News reports that US consumers are already feeling the pain of the Ukraine crisis.

According to the article:

Although many Americans may prefer that the U.S. stay out of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the brewing violence and political fallout are already hurting their wallets. Gasoline prices, which have hit eight-year highs — could surge even further if the hostilities escalate or if U.S. lawmakers pass another round of sanctions.

The economic impact could also move beyond the gas pump, Wall Street analysts warn. Sanctions or export controls against Russia could make current semiconductor shortages even worse, while restrictions on wheat or metals could drive the fiercest bout of inflation in decades to climb even higher.

Pretty sure the Ukraine crisis will have “some” impact, but the current consumer complaints were a direct result of Biden’s policies on ending US energy independence.

Remember, it was Biden who said Putin didn’t want him to win because they went toe-to-toe. Putin invaded Crimea. Biden also said he was going to end the virus. History tells us that Biden lies. He can’t help it. But he has nothing to worry about when the media has his back. No wonder people call it “fake news”.

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