Apparently, freedom and democracy can’t co-exist.

From the article:

Mr. Poilievre has been a strong advocate of those gathered in Ottawa, meeting with them and helping get their message out.

He’s been less vocal about the lawlessness that has taken place or the harm that the encampment has caused to commerce and downtown residents. It would appear that the presumptive favourite to win the Conservative leadership isn’t prepared to jeopardize his relationship with potential supporters in the name of law and order.

Funny how the protest to end coercive mandates is now outside the bounds of law and order. How dare people use their freedom to protest!

If your opponent exercises freedom, it’s a threat to democracy. Better to oppress them now to protect.. FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

1 thought on “Really?

  1. Funny how they didn’t care last summer when ANTIFA and BLM were looting and burning down large sections of cities. But truckers honking their horns is just too much for the poor elites.

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