The party of “science” in a single picture.

Stacey Abrams was photographed in front a kindergarten class this past week. The picture, which was shared by the school’s principal on Twitter and subsequently shared by Stacey Abrams, generated a lot of conversation.

In this picture, Ms. Abrams is the ONLY person who isn’t wearing a mask in the entire photograph, and I assume, the class. As it made its way into people’s feeds, many began to question why this is the case. Suffice it to say that once it started receiving negative attention, the tweets were deleted, but not before this historic moment was downloaded by eagle-eyed subscribers, who then shared it faster than Barbara Streisand could cover her backyard. As they say, the internet is forever.

The issue is not that she isn’t wearing one. Masks do little to stop the spread of Wuhan, as evidenced by draconian mandates imposed in liberal states that saw case counts skyrocket at roughly the same rates as areas without a mandate. The issue is the messaging that continues to put liberal elites in a different category than their subjects: The rules only apply to the subjects and not the overlords and elites, of which Stacey Abrams considers herself a member in high standing.

The scientific data tells us that kids suffer far fewer effects from contracting the Wuhan virus. A recently study published from John Hopkins debunked the narrative from the Book of Walensky of the Fauci Biden Bible that masks reduce the transmission rate of the virus in schools. Over 99 percent of kids who become afflicted with Wuhan endure little or mild symptoms that last, at most, for only a couple of days. The kids in schools don’t need masks, but they don’t realize it and aren’t told. They are forced to endure authoritarian decrees the supposedly educated grown-ups impose. In fact, there is growing evidence that these restrictions are doing more harm to kids than the virus itself.

The science is different for adults. Data compiled since the epidemic began clearly demonstrates that those who are at greatest risk of suffering long-term effects, or even death, from catching Wuhan have two or more co-morbidity factors. These include age (over 60), obesity, diabetes, asthma or other chronic bronchial diseases, dialysis, heart problems, and those with compromised immune systems. People of color are at greater risk than whites to suffer long-term Covid and/or death if they have at least one co-morbidity factor.

According to liberal orthodoxy, masks and vaccinations are the best protection for people in high risk categories. It also claims that vaccinations and boosters will significantly reduce the chance of being hospitalized should someone contract the Wuhan virus. However, for those with one or more co-morbidity factors, you are MORE likely to spend time in a hospital and be placed on ventilator, despite following all liberal deity mandated precautions if you start showing symptoms.

With all that in mind, Stacey Abrams is fully vaccinated and boosted. She is a woman of color. She is morbidly obese. She has diabetes. Vaccines do not prevent transmission, and more and more vaccinated people are ending up in hospitals due to Covid. She is the ONLY person in the room without a mask, and is telling everyone that she doesn’t have to follow the (false god) CDC, state and local guidelines for masking. In fact, if she was your everyday liberal (sheep), she probably would be wearing a mask and harassing mask-less people at Walmart.

Here are a couple of photographs of other “science believing” leaders not following their own authoritarian edicts at a sports event that has – you guessed it – a masking requirement:

If you are expecting them to follow the science, don’t hold your breath.

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