What? Again!?!?

Death and Taxes aren’t the only thing you can count on in life.

A little birdie sent me this:

He’s retiring again. Reason? Flare up of Parkinson’s Disease.

The real question is, what’s the over-under that there is a more sinister reason along the lines of “forced to scrub toilets”? Every time he has quit, it’s because of the inevitable writing on the wall that he has worn out his welcome. The real story is often very different than the public message. The clue is the use of the code phrase “deteriorating condition”, which refers to his “diagnosis” of Parkinson’s Disease. He’s used it as a weapon against Free Speech Team Lickspittles with no success and lots of pointage, laughing, and mockery at his expense.

For those of you new to this, Bill Schmalfeldt is the only person in medical history to have recovered from Parkinson’s Disease. He is immune to its progressive nature. Everyone else afflicted with the disease will tell you it’s not the same for them.

As a great Jedi in the Kimbergarten Chronicles routinely states: “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”

So for the long-time readers following this saga, the only real question is: Who had December 2021 on pick sheet?

2 thoughts on “What? Again!?!?

  1. I remember when he had to go on disability from doing a podcast because his fakinsons prevented him from speaking. He went on to host, and be fired from, several small radio stations. He’s a grifter.

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