Oh really?

That Somali squad member has high level of derp.

Rep. Ilhan Omar was addressing a mostly empty gymnasium of constituents. She wasn’t wearing a mask even though she was indoors, but that wasn’t unexpected. However, she discussed the root causes of the current crime crisis in Minneapolis:

Minneapolis Police has been under political assault from the left since George Floyd’s death. Morale is at an all-time low as the force has been depleted due to resignations and funding cuts.

In December of 2020, the Minneapolis City Council removed $8 million in police funding to expand other services. In February 2021, the City Council added more than $6 million to address the increase in crime and to hire more officers. And just this past week, the Mayor proposed adding $27 million MORE because of the loss of 300 officers and surges in crime activity.

But, the problem is with the current police department and not the nefarious individuals who are taking advantage of the situation. In other words, Omar’s voters.

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