Buyer’s Remorse

We tried to tell them..

The two groups that have suffered the most since the pandemic began have been the Black and Hispanic communities. Since Biden has taken office, illegals have been pouring in and the administration has been welcoming them with open arms. Historic low unemployment for both groups continue to fade into the distance as the jobs report numbers continue to be anemic. Hispanic Americans are struggling as well as places like Oregon and California extend lockdowns in major cities where Hispanic populations are high.

Biden promised to tackle the virus, but he is struggling to reign it in. While people who have been vaccinated were told they were immune from Covid, the Delta variant can infect a fully vaccinated person. Many have died, although the media insists (incorrectly) that it is the unvaccinated Trump supporters taking up all the hospital beds and filling up coffins. Black and Hispanic Americans have the highest “vaccine hesitant” populations.

Biden also promised to build back better, but if Afghanistan is an indication of what’s to come from this “Better America”, it portends a very different definition of the word “Better”. Today’s anemic job’s report for August was blamed on Covid and the “other guy”.

What Biden doesn’t seem to understand is that Trump recognized the problems plaguing the supply chains and worked until he left office trying to remove regulatory roadblocks. Biden has rolled all that back preferring to remove the last vestiges of Trump rather than taking a more pragmatic approach. Instead, he is focusing on inclusiveness – even though that term is meaningless and he offers no proof that strategy will address the myriad of problems recovering businesses face.

I’m not much of an “I told you so” when people are suffering, but we tried to warn them. A few of my friends have realized that, perhaps, the tweets weren’t so bad after all.

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