You’re kidding.

The bodies of American soldiers are returning from Afghanistan. Guess who showed up?

Update: Joe Biden visited with family members today after remains arrived. It appears that some folks got their info wrong. The original tweet was deleted by the author.

The architects of American failure couldn’t face the families of slain soldiers. The Biden administration failed to withdraw in a way that protected the military, allowed advanced weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists, and stranded American citizens, and acquiesced to a deadline European leaders wanted extended.

At least the Biden administration killed the “planners” of the terrorist attack on the soldiers who now occupy flag-draped coffins. Or so they say.


2 thoughts on “You’re kidding.

  1. He finally did show up, but couldn’t help but check his watch while they brought the bodies out. Guess he didn’t want to miss his Ice Cream time.

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