You know…

When someone’s performance goes downhill…

In business, creating metrics and establishing goals are ways businesses look to improve their efficiencies and bottom lines. Consulting firms large and small are available in every vertical market providing guidance and practices to help businesses do better in all areas while making money.

The perfect case for bringing in some folks to help: The Oscar. If you were in charge of building a TV show designed to showcase the glitz, glamour, drama, and appeal of entertainment across the globe, you would think one metric that would be important are the audiences which pay the money to make millionaires out of huge egos and image obsessed divas.

And yet…

As such, the latest ratings numbers on Hollywood’s highest honors are down more than 50% from the previous year, and almost 65% from two years prior. In fact, in just 8 years, the show’s ratings have dropped 80%. Those are terrible numbers. The audiences are no longer interested. What should have been seen as a warning before Trump was elected president is now a hard reality. Virtue signaling by a bunch of Hollywood millionaires seem to be a terrible formula. At some point, the feelings of actors and the board itself should be viewed as untenable.

Other entertainment areas like MLB, NBA, NFL, and Nascar saw downturns in their viewership due to the ramp up of virtue signaling they adopted as part of their outreach. Imagine telling your audience they are racists, supporters of white supremacy, or even worse, lie about local issues and actually act on it.

Then there is the China pass. People seem to forget that President Trump was able to get two black UCLA basketball players back from China for their little shoplifting trip, but trashed him as a racist at every turn using the Charlottesville lie. And yet, when it came time for Hollywood and the sports world to turn it’s attention to valid human rights concerns in China, they willingly and openly balked and chastised those who would dare criticize their cash cow.

I can’t imagine how a consulting firm would start conversations in front of these folks and attempt to explain to them that they need to change their product to appeal to a wider base. It would require something more than just radical candor, something along the lines of “people must go” and educate themselves with a course like “How to become self-aware to prevent you from saying something stupid.” With so many in Hollywood who are tied to the masts of #Metoo, #ChinaFirst and #Toxicmasculinity, the only toxicity are from the folks who can’t let go, and just need to go.

Until the Oscars, professional sports and some corporate entities stop trying to tell me how bad this country is because they want to improve their social media creds with the leftist mobs – the same country and fans who don’t align with their political views that made them wealthy – don’t count on me watching or spending my dollars for any of these events.

And not surprising, there are a lot of people who feel the same way. There are also others who are saying that the pandemic was the problem, but Hollywood produced a lot of films that went into streaming because movie watchers were sitting at home from government mandated restrictions. However, that argument doesn’t help the cause because it says quite clearly that the industry itself is not producing movies people want to watch. Even without a pandemic, Hollywood was suffering falling box office numbers for years. Wonder what the consultants would say?

In short, big business, wealthy movie stars and athletes should be alarmed that virtue signaling doesn’t work on your customers. Instead, always support local businesses where possible, unless they insist on virtue signaling as well. Imagine a business not wanting customers unless you’re the “right” kind. They usually don’t last that long.

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  1. It would help if Hollywood could remember that movies are supposed to entertain, not lecture, and that for the people in the industry their jobs are to make products that entertain the desired paying audience and not to hector that desired audience.

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