I beat White Supremacy

Wasn’t hard to do, but the liberals are telling me that it’s an illusion.

The argument that liberals have pivoted to is that all the problems that people of color experience are a direct result of rampant white supremacy that our forefathers and sisters brought over from Europe. In case you’re wondering, Europe is still struggling with rampant white supremacy to this day, despite socialist/anarchists in this country using extremely white countries as models that align more closely to their utopia.

Regardless, white people continue to suppress non-white folks every day. Liberals tell us that the reason whole communities of nonwhites live in poverty is because of the lasting effects of Jim Crow laws on the books. This is such a terrible problem that Major League Baseball moved it’s All-Star game out of a state that turned blue in 2020. Guess what color the commissioner of Major League Baseball is?

And take a guess of the demographics of Atlanta, where the game was moved from because of a lie to a very white city? White liberals moving a major economic event from one city much more diverse in their eyes to one that isn’t.

As a person of color, I find it pretty weird that a bunch of white liberals continue to speak for me on my behalf. They want me to believe that if I were to support liberal candidates, my life will turn out for the better.

When I mentioned that under the Obama administration, opportunities for me to move up into a higher demographic actually declined, they become quite confused. Costs for insurance, fuel, necessities went up, but opportunities to improve my income were non-existent. This was also true for a lot of white people as I explained, but then they fell back to the word “disproportionately” which is an odd take when you consider that a black man (ok, HALF black, but still) was the President.

However, under Trump, not only did my opportunities come my way, I rose much higher into the middle class. The left tells that I was one of the few lucky ones. Racism kept many others from achieving the same result, despite Trump’s own actions that resulted in record low unemployment for all those people of color who suffered under Obama.

Of course, none of them cold produce any evidence to support their claims. Instead, when I was pressing the argument, I was met with , “Trump is a racist! Why do you support white supremacy? You are brainwashed!” Apparently, I hadn’t been smart enough to deduce that I was still being oppressed by raging white supremacists because my success is just a mere illusion. When I mentioned that the overwhelming majority of democrat leadership was.. you know.. white, it tripped some fuses..er synaptic implosions.. in their heads. The activism ended at my doorstep with white folks shaking their heads.

Those woke white people believe I and my brothers and sisters of color are oppressed. Oh, and the demographics of these white liberals lecturing me – not a single one is over 30, don’t own homes, and pretty much have spent their lives being professional students in <insert gender/race here> studies. I decided to let my Asian friend – who is more well off than me – know that he is also oppressed. Imagine the shock on his face when I told him it was a group of local white liberals making those claims. We had a good laugh over that.

I’ve only dealt with racism against me a few times in my life, none of which has altered my overall view that almost every white American I’ve ever known are good and decent people. And yet, there are those that tell me that I’m in grave danger from these same people:

In fact, the looming climate disaster (sorry, I giggled at this) has its origins in white supremacy. Imagine how I felt that after all this time, it’s not CO2 gas and cow farts, but white people with racist views destroying the climate.

Despite all this, white supremacy has yet to bring it’s boot of oppression over me and my family. If anything, it’s the illiterate left who are in positions of power, and that is much more dangerous. It includes all the white liberals who push these false narratives along with the squad and Hollywood types.

Of course, we all know it’s not about white supremacy: It’s about the left keeping power. They will do and say anything, including pushing false narratives and lies. To be oppressed, one must convince themselves they are victims of a white tyranny.

Still, I beat it. I’m a free man.

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