Biden’s fall on his approach to Air Force One is making the rounds and there is an interesting opinion.

From my perspective, it looked like he was trying to go up the stairs too fast (because he considers himself a stallion of an athlete or something) and he just missed his footing. Based on how the press covered Trump’s gait during his presidency, you would think the press would start asking about Biden’s health and expressing concern on whether he is capable of continuing as the Commander in Chief.

But what caught my attention was this retweet:

Biden more likely has Dementia than Parkinson’s Disease. In my experience, an occasional stumble at such an advanced age as Joe hardly meets the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Then again, I’m not a doctor.

However, if Biden does indeed have Parkinson’s, I have good news for the president: He can recover from it. Despite years of struggling with the progressive disease, one man has beaten this horrible disease by landing morning radio host jobs in small markets across the country. Joe may be able to avoid a potential 25th Amendment removal by his Asian VP, Kamala Harris.

Amazing people live in this world.

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