Not making this up

Government education policy is stupid.

Besides the fact that the teachers unions are trying not to teach in the classroom during the pandemic, despite the scientific evidence there is low risk and the growing evidence that children are more depressed and some are killing themselves, the left is now pushing their dangerous liberal immorality.

Forcing students to show your work in math apparently has roots in white supremacy and we can’t have that! Liberal educators are not only killing our youth by ignoring the very science they claim to support, they also intend to keep our students from being successful.

There is a millions reasons why students must learn to show their work. Mostly, it holds them accountable for their answers. Solving problems is a must and being able to prove that students can learn how is important for their future as a generation. In the real world, engineers must show that their solution (and math) works because people’s lives depend on it. Government has passed laws and regulations that require “showing your work” when preparing assessments for projects that might harm the environment. Engineers designing aircraft must be able to show their work so that their peers can verify the design is safe.

But to government officials for the state’s education, forcing students to “show their work” pays homage to white supremacy as if somehow, thousands of years of what we learned as a species is a result of many diverse cultures “showing their work”. White supremacy was not a factor; recording how they arrived at solutions for complex problems was intended to be shared to future generations to use and to make improvements to civilization.

If you read the “Instead” part, you get the sense that what they really mean is that they want students to explain their work without it being all racissey.. or something.

Stupid is as stupid does.

1 thought on “Not making this up

  1. I disagree. It doesn’t hold them accountable, it makes it easier for their teacher to follow their correct steps until the incorrect step, and then tell them were and how to fix it. If they don’t show their work, teachers have no way to know (without being nearly godlike) where they went wrong. Its easy with 2+2*3=x but not when its 2X+3Y-4^Z=101

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