Consequences of the “feels leadership”.

According to the article, the city council decreed that companies over 300 employees pay employees an additional $4 an hour for being on the front lines during the pandemic.

Mayor Robert Garcia is a proponent of this measure and will gleefully sign it on Tuesday. Ralph’s and Food 4 Less responded by saying they’ll be forced to close 25% of it’s stores. The reason a quarter of their stores are suffering is because of the .. pandemic. While Ralph’s and Food 4 Less have given bonuses and pay raises to employees, invested in public safety measures, the governor has imposed lockdown measures which have affected Californian’s ability to not only to make a living, but to travel to gather necessities. Like many businesses in California, even grocery chains have struggled to stay open when there are fewer customers and higher expenses.

And yet, for some reason, Garcia thinks he’s standing on higher moral ground. Except, he’s creating more unemployed with a pen, just like his friend Joe Biden. No unity, just uniformity. But liberals will feel better knowing that evil corporations are going to have to pay more, they just don’t say the part where there will be fewer jobs. And I can’t wait to hear what folks will say when illegals start pouring in and demand $15 hourly wages, insurance, etc.

On a related note: Gavin Newsome’s recall campaign has reached 1.3 million of the 1.5 million signatures needed before the March 17th deadline. I would just keep getting as many signatures as possible as Democrats will suddenly decide that signatures are important again.

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