Not exactly living up to her reputation among fans.

You're actually serious

I am doing some work on the website when I came across a graphic in the media library.

Back in 2019, She Guevara was regarded as a strong feminine figure who fit squarely in the mold of Wonder Woman by her adoring supporters. They even created a caricature of her in full regalia.

DC Comics promptly issued a cease and desist order against the publication of the image for obvious reasons, but the fact so many view her as a strong feminine character was obviously jumping the shark.

Fast forward to 2021.

Wonder Woman would have been able to safely disarm and beat back the insurrectionists and protected the squad from such a murderous brood. AOC, on the other hand, retreated to her campaign headquarters in NY for three weeks. New Yorkers weren’t any safer after she arrived than they were before.

What we really have is a professional victim in Congress. Glad DC Comics doesn’t have to worry about their creations being sullied.

1 thought on “Huh.

  1. The network of psychotic and criminal traitors in elected (selected) office is a betrayal to the principles of the Constitution. I cannot listen to a single word from any of them; they are all caricatures of public servants and deserve isolation from the citizenry not idolatry.

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