Didn’t think this through

Trump Derangement Syndrome is known for hampering intelligent thought.

Under President Trump, the United States became a world energy exporter within a couple of years and was part of the largest peacetime expansion of the US economy in history. Trump’s efforts to open up public lands for energy exploration was a key component.

One of the initial wave of executive orders under Biden was to cancel permits for energy production on federal lands. As it turns out, the people who most wanted Biden for President are hardest hit.

Union workers on Keystone Pipeline, many who voted for Biden, suddenly found themselves out of a job. In New Mexico, energy production is used to fund education programs in the state. Texas, and especially the Biden strong Houston area, will see a significant economic impact. And in Utah, Native American tribes responded rather bluntly having to shut down their energy production.

I was watching a show on Newsmax where a long retired Republican was praising Joe Biden as a moderate who seeks to work with others across the aisle. Living in the past is fine so long as you don’t pull your head out of the sand. What he didn’t realize is that Biden’s executive orders all grounded in progressive ideology, almost as if people saying he is a moderate were lying.

On Friday, Biden proclaimed that the virus couldn’t be contained for several months, despite promising an all out effort by his administration. At the same time, he said the economy was declining fast and called for Congress to get working on Covid relief and soon. Schumer and company are focused on impeaching Trump. The $600 hand out to Americans after Christmas has created more frustration, especially with the backlog in the Senate. Most of Biden’s cabinet nominees still need confirmation.

The effort to immediately appease the progressive wing of the Democrat party has put Biden’s incompetence in the limelight. More and more people who voted for Biden thinking he would be a moderate are expressing anger and frustration that his shift to the left was so dramatic in his first days. Regrets are starting to pile up.

What’s worse is now that he’s given up on fixing the economy and can’t contain the virus quickly, questions need to be asked why he made such bold promises during his campaign and leading up to his inauguration. To protect himself, he called a lid this weekend. Vice President Harris has no official activities either. The promise to do the hard work will have to wait.

While the media complained that Trump ignored the pandemic in his last months shouting he is responsible for the increasing numbers of deaths, Biden’s surrogates are dissing Operation Warp Speed’s plans. As it turns out, that was also a lie. Biden wanted to vaccinate 100 million people in his first 100 days. The daily rate of a million doses administrated a day was reached this week. Biden’s team are spending time in the media telling lies and still trying to organize as Trump’s plans are getting the job done.

As we watch Biden and his team return us to levels of government incompetence not seen since, well Joe Biden was Vice President, will the media continue to run cover for a clearly incapable man they spent so much time propping up while being offended by Trump’s tweets? I bet they come close to dying on that hill since a majority of American’s don’t trust them.

Buy more popcorn.

3 thoughts on “Didn’t think this through

  1. I give it six months before Biden “has a stroke”, succumbs to a “mutation of COVID-19”, or just plain loses it in public and the powers behind the scene in Democratic politics have to acknowledge his senility and remove him via the 25th Amendment. His job was to prevent Sanders from winning the nomination, and now they have to figure out how to move him aside, so that they can continue with the Left-ward slide.

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