Biden starting off quite well.

Since Biden has taken over and began imposing progressive Executive Orders, I am reminded of what candidate Biden promised:

“I will be President for all Americans.”

It was a lie. In two days, he’s adding tens of thousands to the unemployment lines. Oil prices have begun to rise. Men can now go shower with women in locker rooms. He re-entered the Paris Accords, and is now looking at returning to the Iran deal with the offers of more money, while at the same time wants to increase troop strength in Iraq.

And speaking of troops, National Guard personnel brought in to guard the inauguration – including photo ops with Democrats and later endured background and social media vetting – were kicked out of the Capitol building and forced to sleep in the parking garage. Mayor Bowser’s orders from the summer prevent guardsmen from staying in hotels because of BLM.

The media’s fawning of Biden was completely expected. Anything that goes wrong can be blamed on Trump. Including the non-existant vaccine distribution scandal that turned out to be completely false.

This is a disaster and it will only get worse. Congress continues to delay Covid relief. Georgia voters were told they’d get $2000 checks only to see they may have to wait until late Spring. Impeachment is their priority along disarming fellow legislators who they needed from the worst insurrection ever attempted.

And while Biden signed an EO suspending evictions, some of my renter friends have said that a pre-requisite for renting is having a job. Landlords and rental owners are only renting to those who can pay the rent. One told me there may be some legal action taken soon to end banned eviction decrees and EO’s that are hurting property owners. Biden will have to deal with that.

And since Monday, some friends have been emailing and texting me saying they now regret voting for Biden. Included in that list: A guy who was working on a wall project as a subcontractor. He was informed today they’ve terminated the contract and he’s out of a job.

Management had expected Biden to wait for a few months to end the wall construction and told that to their employees over Christmas. I told him he would lose his job in the first week of the inauguration. Sad to say I was right, but I warned him and some others that if Biden won, things would get worse in a hurry.

Imagine thinking that voting for Biden as a conservative because you really hated Trump was a good thing…until you realize that Biden was never on your side and it didn’t take very long after he was sworn in.

The influence of the corrupt media created this. And they wonder why 3 in 5 people believe they purposely spread disinformation.

So here we are. Not even a week has gone by and things are about to get a lot worse. Biden and the leadership in Congress care nothing for Americans. But at least Trump isn’t tweeting..or something.

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