Some days you wonder..

Judge Judy Oh Brother

Little Commie Cortez is complaining again.

She Guevara continues her whining campaign on everything that is wrong in America. Today, it was the long line she’s having to wait in to cast her ballot. New York is one of those states that, in addition to pushing mail-in voting, has early in-person voting due to the Wuhan virus pandemic.

In this rather amusing video, she complains that waiting to vote 2, 3 or even 4 hours is voter suppression. She has roughly 10 days to vote in her precinct. The complaint is that people should have the convenience of voting in the same way they pick up their coffee at Starbucks.

It’s pretty clear that despite being a member of Congress, she still lacks basic understanding of how government works. Voting is handled by state and local authorities. Since we are in a pandemic, it’s not “voting as normal in person” due to the safety precautions poll workers must take to help keep others from becoming infected with the Wuhan virus.

Many states have recognized that people who test positive may not be able to show up in person. Absentee and request by mail voting exists in all states in some forms and have been expanded to help give solace to some of those voters who believe they are taking their lives into their own hands by going out in public. In 2020, more voting options are available than ever before thanks to people eating bats in a Chinese wet market.

Yet, Ms. Guevara insists folks are disenfranchised.. *squints*.. for standing in line to … vote. Thanks, China. For everything.

1 thought on “Some days you wonder..

  1. Total agreement with your statement on aoc. The part I have a hard time with is the people who voted for her. She is the physical image of their political thought and that is scary and pathetic.

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