Just another day..

You're actually serious

The clown show on the left continues.

Bill Schmalfeldt helped to memorialize the term, “Stepping on your crank” when he unintentionally torpedoed all of his lawsuits filed against some of my blogger friends. Speaking of lawyers and cranks:

Unintentional personal issue. I guess we’ll see if he gets a handle on things.. oh wait, that’s what got him in this predicament. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

It’s not as if Toobin hasn’t had issues in the past. Thread:

You have to laugh considering CNN continues questioning Trump’s moral character and then they hire dirty old men like Toobin. We don’t have to go into hiring disgraced former FBI agents and administration officials simply because they hate Trump.

This sort of ties in to some comments made by Senator Ron Johnson who alluded to Hunter’s computer possibly containing illegal pornography. Some folks have said they’ve seen the contents and they contain some pretty damning evidence not only of possible corruption, but video of sexual escapades with underage girls.

It’s already known that prominent democrats have a long history of disrespecting women: Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodds, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden – just to name a few. Hunter seems to have gone farther than his father based on early reports of what’s on the laptop. Of course, there is the child with the stripper in Arkansas that Hunter tried escaping child support payments. Not shockingly, the media have given these predators a pass.

But will the media, once the contents are fully analyzed by appropriate law enforcement, report the truth? Right now, they want to bury it, claiming this is part of a larger Russian intelligence conspiracy. Adam Schiff is responsible for pushing this narrative, only to see DNI John Ratcliffe respond with, “No, this part of Russia’s plan.” So what will Biden say this week?

Biden has put a lid until Thursday’s debate under the narrative of “debate prep.” Let me see if I understand this: He’s been in politics for 47 years and participated in many debates (not very well, but he has experience.) He was also the Vice President and should have a handle on many of the issues facing the country. He needs a week to prep for this? What takes so much to deny the contents of the laptop?

Speaking of debates, it would seem we aren’t going to have what was originally to feature Foreign Policy.

This area puts Biden at a significant disadvantage in terms of real accomplishments, and the left knows it. Biden has said numerous times that we have lost our standing in the world. Trump’s Nobel Prize nominations certainly dispute that, but Biden won’t have to answer for it and certainly be questioned on the failed policies of Obama’s administration.

Marc Theissen said on Fox News today that this scandal would not change people’s minds. Perhaps, but it really speaks to the larger belief of government corruption. Several of my liberal friends are having a tough time defending this when asked not to include their hatred of Trump. They believe Trump is corrupt and compromised by Russia, but struggle to produce any facts to support it. A couple of them have resigned themselves to the fact that Trump is better the choice, but are hating themselves because they don’t want to face their other liberal friends.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to campaign aggressively.

Enthusiasm is off the charts. And for many who aren’t exactly enthusiastic about Trump, I know a whole bunch of folks who are voting for him this time, just like this guy:

If Trump wins, I wonder what happens to the Lincoln Project? I would bet they will continue to grift on their “conservative” creds.

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