They complain that President Trump doesn’t take Covid seriously. Then they do something like this.

In essence, before citizens can return to more normal lives, counties must check off a list of metrics that have little to do with managing the virus. It’s sheer lunacy to the extent that people’s economic livelihoods are dependent on county officials focusing on hot spots meeting social justice criteria.

Obviously, none of this is based on science. The government is exerting control to enforce what it believes is social justice equality, a sort of group-think that is based on feelings. Individual communities within a county that fit disadvantaged status require more focus from local officials, which include such disease management towers of “Tree Canopy” and “Alcohol Availabilty.”

Liberals continue to decimate normal living and are using the pandemic to justify their marxist agenda. The pushback is coming, and probably won’t be seen by state leaders until its too late.

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