McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Democrats seem to be making a lot of fuss.

Apparently, Amy doesn’t like the 2016 Justice Ginsburg who staunchly disagrees with her. Ginsburg was clearly unhappy that the Senate did not confirm anyone in 2016. Only have eight justices deciding major issues was of great concern to the court. Still, according to her, the current president’s authority under the Constitution does not end on an election year. By all accounts, Ginsburg 2016 says the nomination should go forward.

Ginsburg, despite being a justice, was well aware of public policy and is believed to base many of her opinions on advancing progressive ideology. With her now gone, the courts will tilt more conservative once Trump’s nominee is confirmed. I’m still skeptical of the press reports of her “dying wish”. For her to take such a fundamental position on presidential authority, it makes no sense she would make such a statement. I wouldn’t be surprised that we find out later it was made up.

Now, the Democrats hate the Constitution and are willing to bless their army of followers to intimidate the opposing members should their toolboxes come up empty in preventing the nominee from being confirmed. I would say that the more they continue on this irrational path, the greater the magnitude of their failure. And their antics will not go unnoticed by those still on the fence. Biden is becoming a major liability and he is turning off many progressive democrat voters. That’s something the DNC doesn’t need right now with the debates coming up.

Trump on the other hand continues to enjoy growing support. If his rallies are any indication, all this fuss by the democrats may not matter. The hope is that it translates into republican control of the both the House and Senate.

Ginsburg’s passing seems to be what republicans need to show strength. Voters like strong candidates, especially independents looking for leadership. Wouldn’t be surprised if Trump wins another four years. I see a lot more enthusiasm for him that I do for Biden.

The democrats will have no one to blame but themselves. It’ll be fun to watch and see how they eat their own if we have four more years of a Trump presidency.

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