Still not getting it

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Are all Atlantic writers clueless?

This guy is a mess. Not only does he regurgitate the long discredited Russian interference narrative, he tells us that liberals will not accept the 2020 election if Trump wins, especially if he loses the popular vote again.

The reason the left refuses to accept the 2016 results is their reliance on the popular vote argument. It’s completely meaningless. But to them, it’s important since it supports their talking point that the US should be a democracy and that the electoral college is illegitimate in modern society. It isn’t. Liberals constantly complain Trump is shredding the Constitution, but for some reason they didn’t read the parts that explain how the President is chosen. Rules are rules. There is a reason they want to change them.

Hamid also keeps pushing the polls and the same pollsters that predicted a Clinton landslide in 2016. Those folks got the numbers wrong in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. We were told Clinton might even pick off places like Kansas, and perhaps Texas. You don’t have to search hard to find video clips of pundits predicting 300 – 400 electoral vote numbers for Clinton in September of 2016.

It also doesn’t help that the press keeps ignoring the level of enthusiasm there is for Trump. And when they do mention it, they flail because of the pandemic. He can go anywhere in the country and be met by thousands of supporters. Even when he is not going to a campaign event, hundreds and thousands will line the streets along the path of his motorcade. Biden is lucky to get a couple of supporters on a video call.

And like a good minion, Hamid pushes the provably false narratives of the left – Russian interference, voter suppression, cleaning up voter rolls, and trying to prevent blacks from voting. All of these Republican manipulation conspiracy theories are meant to set the stage that if Biden loses, an arsenal of talking points can be used to explain why Trump won.

The weird thing about his logic is that he only uses two scenarios for victory: Trump wins by cheating, but loses the popular vote OR Biden wins the electoral college and popular vote convincingly. He removes the other two possibilities – Trump wins the popular vote convincingly along with the electoral college, or Biden wins the electoral college narrowly and possibly loses the popular vote.

I’ll admit the latter scenario for Biden winning is less likely than Trump winning the popular vote. Regardless, a Trump win will never be accepted which is the point. And this flies in the face of what the left told us back in 2016 when Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election. Liberals told us that not accepting the election results was un-American and that Trump should exit the race. They show us again they can’t stick to any principles.

Instead of being rational, the pundits on the left are setting themselves up to flame out in grand style. They have no one to blame but themselves for not following through on understanding why so many Americans voted for Trump, especially in states that were considered safe for Democrats. Remember when the press wanted to go out and understand why people voted for Trump? They dismissed these people as being out of touch. They were only out of touch for not being inner city liberals.

We all know what happened after Trump won: The left came unglued and have been rioting in the streets since. Many are at Stage V TDS, where the President’s breathing sets them off into a tailspin of blabbering nonsense and frantic convulsions.

One thing is for certain and Hamid gives it away: Unless Biden wins, they left will continue their unstable and dangerous rhetoric. All he is doing is ensuring Trump will win because this is the only argument they keep making. Hamid is just another shill for the left – without ideas or even a decent argument for countering Trump. All they had to do was just be reasonable. Hamid doesn’t understand what that means.

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