You're actually serious

Social justice whiners are telling us that NFL players are victims from being booed.

Wealthy race hustler Ben Crump – a criminal defense attorney who represents criminal rapist and the now disabled Jacob Blake – is trying to tell us the fans are hurting the feelings of millionaire football players who only want to hold a moment of silence for *squints* racial equality and unity.

Jacob Blake’s name was taped onto the helmets of football players during fall camps. Drew Brees, the aging QB of the New Orleans Saints who originally stood proud against those kneeling during the National Anthem, and later capitulated, decided he’s all on board as a social justice whiner, without ever learning the facts of Blake’s circumstances.

Blacks make up over 50% of the players in the NFL, a statistically higher percentage than the population. A player who is paid the “league minimum” under the current collective bargaining agreement makes $510,000 a year. The average salary is roughly $3 million. This means NFL teams have an employee liability of $5 billion for an active roster (53 man roster X 32 teams X 3.2 million salary). That is approximately a third of revenue since the league brought in close to $15 billion in 2019. Roger Goodell’s salary is $40 million a year. He opted to forego his salary and cut league office personnel salary during the pandemic. He is currently in year 3 of a 5 year contract that pays him $200 million. If his contract is not renewed in a couple of years, he would have only been paid $160 million.

The average salary of a worker in the US is $50,000 a year. In some venues, tickets are around $100 a piece. So for a family of four, going to an NFL game is an expensive prospect. Still, those who spend their hard earned money are forced to watch a bunch of millionaires lecture them about “unity” and “ending racism” while showing their disrespect to the flag of the nation that made them wealthy in the first place. Fans in the stands should count themselves lucky to be watching such heroes on the field.

The hypocrisy in all this: One is that not a single player lives in a neighborhood that has residents like Jacob Blake. They live in safe communities with private schools and affluent shopping areas. Another is that they made their fortunes with common every day American values that are defended by those in uniform who also watch these gridiron heroes. And fans get to watch them disrespect those same values and the flag it represents. “American” companies broadcasting this game make sure to add their commentary where applicable as if the viewers need to be reminded of their privilege.

Yet, these wealthy athletes and figureheads want to tell us all that they stand for racial equality for people like.. like.. Jacob Blake and George Floyd, both career criminals.

The real victims are the woman Jacob Blake attacked and raped, and the pregnant woman George Floyd attacked during an armed robbery. Their stories are being suppressed because these elite athletes believe that they were harmed by excessive police brutality. In other words, their skin color is more important than their actions, a very different message than Martin Luther King Jr marched, and died for, back in the 1960’s. Sadly, these real victims are forced to re-live their harrowing experience as their perpetrators are elevated to celebrity status.

George Floyd was buried in a golden casket and had four services. Everyday Americans can’t even see loved ones in hospitals, nor attend their funerals. Almost half the Covid deaths in the country are a direct result of Democrat governors forcing sick people into nursing homes. Will an NFL player stand up for them and their families?

So why does Crump and other NFL folks think their message of unity and racial harmony should resonate when they do little to advocate for everyday people who are suffering under the totalitarianism of Democrat governors? It’s a question none of them will answer. They will get to play and earn their millions while others are forced to live under quarantine conditions and hope to pay next month’s bills.

After all Crump wants you to believe this is about racism. He is an opportunist grifter like Al Sharpton and these same NFL players who want to be taken seriously and let these guys represent their views.

Still, NFL players were victims from fans who booed them. They still played football. After all, a lot of money is at stake for them.

And just for good measure, here is another person whose wealthy and is all about narrative.

I’m sure he thinks Kaepernick is a victim, too. Maybe one day, these people will wake up and return sports to its roots – a celebration of all Americans without the lectures and progressive messages.

Or, we can just cancel them.

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