Oh Really?

Got to be kidding

This is getting ridiculous.

Colin Kaepernick is a joke. The man has absolutely no credibility but the left refuses to let that stop them from making him some kind of revolutionary.

EA Sports has decided that Kaep has the skills to play in their virtual league. The Madden series has always used current team rosters of players in their game. Now, they’ve decided to add Kaep to the league and let him command the offense of any team a player chooses.

Of course, Kaepernick hasn’t played in years. When he was given an opportunity to work out for NFL teams, he balked drawing rebukes from many pundits who supported him. Many others abandoned him as a phony and grifter.

Oddly, a race activitist, Bob Birkett, decided to nominate Kaep to the NFL Hall of Fame – not because he was a great quarterback that advanced the business of the NFL, but because Colin highlighted the damaging effects of racial injustice. Not that his nomination will carry any weight, but it will be enlightening to see if Kaepernick advances. Imagine having a mediocre career only to see you added to a prestigious group for offending so many Americans who love their country. Those who vote for Kaepernick should make their presence known.

What Birkett and EA sports ignore is that Kaepernick comes from privilege. He has never been poor. He doesn’t spend time in communities working to solve problems. He has though been given millions of dollars by Nike, a company that ironically requires slave labor in Asian and South American countries to create their products. He has received awards for courage despite living in luxury. Of course, Caitlyn Jenner received an award for courage as well simply for social justice reasons.

It’s becoming clear that once celebrated American institutions have become tarnished by SJW’s. On a side note, Colin Cowherd made this rather stupid statement:

He doesn’t seem to understand the point many are making: They want an escape from absurdity in America. Sports are a way to bring people together. This is no longer the case. The pro leagues are now all about trying to indoctrinate people with leftist ideology. Roger Goodell finally got his wish. Chastising the fans and listeners, though, is not good. At least woke advertisers won’t care.

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