Oh Really?

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Presidential candidate wants to promote a religious order.

Every time I see the left push “I believe in science”, I think of the South Park episode, “Go God Go” and it’s concluding episode “Go God Go XII”. In the plot, the world’s population of the 26th century is divided into militant factions of “science”, including highly evolved and intelligent otters. The sheer absurdity of plot isn’t that far off from what liberals are doing today.

The irony is that the left is actively trying to alter established scientific fact in many disciplines, most notably biology (sex and gender), climate change, environment, and math. Social justice – whatever that means – must be applied to the disciplines and change the way in which we view the world, especially the past. Joe Biden has already agreed to use radical leftists to help shape policy in his administration.

Here is an example of who Joe Biden wants to lead the nation science policy:

If these are the people Joe Biden wants in his administration for his science religion, I hope the otters take them down.

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