McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Let me get this straight…

Back in April, members of the Michigan Conservative Coalition marched on the state capital and demanded that rogue governor Gretchen Whitmer pull back on some of her more draconian shutdown measures. While some members carried weapons, no one was hurt by a crazed shooter. In fact, no buildings were damaged. The police watched the events and even conversed with some of the protests. At the end of the day, the protesters left peacefully.

Those in the media portrayed the events as something much more insidious and horrific. Even Michigan’s power-crazed governor had gone as far as to call protesters “white supremacists.” In other words, the peaceful protest was violence of ideas despite no physical evidence.

After George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, the left embraced a more violent tone. In Portland, Seattle, and other cities, Antifa thugs have been attacking police and public buildings. Some are brandishing weapons. In Salt Lake City, one thug shot into a car that was trying to avoid a mob.

In the nation formerly known as CHAZ, a young black teen was killed despite the promise of protection and peace from the rapper warlord overseeing the fledgling autonomous zone. Gun violence and murder has increased by orders of magnitude in democrat run cities. Liberal mayors and politicians are more focused on bashing Trump than actually doing their jobs protecting the members of their community.

Yesterday, this happened.

Except, that’s not exactly what happened:

He had a weapon and claimed he was exercising his rights since the others were being taken away. One of those rights apparently is to confront innocent folks in their car.

Earlier in the day, this happened:

It would appear that if you’re a liberal, you probably shouldn’t carry a weapon unless you know what you’re doing.

Remember, the left tells us that Trump supporters and conservatives are terrorists when protesting peacefully, even when carrying weapons.

The left are destroying property, shooting and attempting to kill others, and care little for the criminal elements preying on innocents in greater numbers. And yet, the media sees them as “peaceful protesters.”

Living in a liberal city is getting more dangerous. On a different note, can’t wait for the next Darwin Awards release. Maybe they will add a couple more categories.

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