Grifters at CNN want to tell you a story.

I happened to come across this story at CNN’s website, which I found interesting in of itself.

But in a country where enslaved Black people were so essential in its rise to global power, it’s impossible to stamp out every link to its painful history. Slavery has marked everything from the US Capitol to the alcohol Americans consume.

The author, Amir Vera, hits George Washington, the Capitol building, a couple of American companies including a long time New York insurance firm. The point of the article is to show how much life before the end of the Civil War was intertwined with slavery.

You know what’s missing from that article, and in fact, many other articles like it that are contributing to cancel culture? The Democrat Party’s role in slavery. All too often, the focus is on cultural systems and historic institutions that have offended a whole generation young liberal white people.

But instead of calling for cancelling the Democrat party, liberal institutions and leftist power players have, instead, branded the GOP as the party of racism. Leaflets and propaganda material found at protests reveal their intentions:

Sadly, a number of supposedly more educated white liberals have approved of these tactics only because they want to get rid of Trump. And the race grifters are capitalizing on it now more than ever using the president in pushing their agenda.

Will the Democrats be held to account for their past sins? Something tells me this isn’t about race at all.

Update: As pointed out by Rob, this might be a false flag. I did some digging and found a tweet where it comes from:

A number of local articles suggest the flyers are indeed fake, and may be the case. However, I have seen similar materials in Arizona. If it is fake or a false flag,some on the left believe it to be true.

4 thoughts on “Huh.

    • It might be. This one I captured from a tweet during the protests in Denver. Sadly, I did not capture the tweet at the time of where it came from. I have seen similar materials at protests in Arizona, just didn’t take a picture of them.


      • Same old, same old from the press, though:

        “He believes that the flyer is likely an attempt to induce conflict, polarization, and smear the reputation of the mostly peaceful protests.”

        “Mostly peaceful” means “not peaceful”.

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      • And, of course, I think it’s still possible the movement that preaches “white genocide” produced that flyer. I just don’t think they’d be that frank about it.

        (The pathetic history in it is the tell; it’s the kind of thing we suspect the left is teaching each other in their intellectual basket-weaving classes.

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