McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

I can’t imagine why there is trouble in paradise.

Obvious question: Why would there be shooting in an autonomous zone where inhabitants are there for love, peace, acceptance and tolerance of others?

The love fest in the middle of Seattle, as proclaimed by the city’s incompetent mayor, is not the utopia the founders would have you believe. After a shooting, one man died because EMT’s refused to enter the zone without police.

One EMT tried to explain it to the Warlord:

The Warlord’s response?

I think Raz is correct in that it is political, but not for the reasons he probably thinks. The Democrat mayor is on board with their little experiment. She wants to own Trump because he doesn’t like it. In other words, she’s willing to let people die just to prove a stupid point. Raz is just a willing pawn in all this.

Emergency services are also bound by rules, all set up by the same political party Raz and cohorts most likely voted for many times.

Sadly, a life was lost needlessly. Who brings justice for them?

2 thoughts on “Weird

  1. I’m reminded of an exchange I saw posted between a gun control advocate and his pro-2A pal. I can’t remember where it was posted but it went something like this:

    GCA: Dude these riots are wild, can I borrow a rifle until this unrest passes?
    2A: Sorry bud, but thanks to your gun control policies that’s hella illegal.
    GCA: are you serious? Please help me out, my wife is terrified!
    2A: hey man, even if I could help, all my guns fell out of a boat last week while I was cleaning them, so…
    GCA: fuck you man

    Everyone is conservative about the stuff they can control…

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