Liberal dictionaries

Why even have one?

According to Merriam – Webster’s dictionary, “defund” is a transitive verb that means “to withdraw funding from”. Google says it’s a verb that means “prevent from continuing to receive funds.”. Most reasonable English speaking persons understand that when you “defund” a project, a budget line, your bank account, it means to remove all money. Certainly when Congress defunds a program, it goes away.

When liberals and congresscritters pushed “#DefundThePolice most of us understood that police departments would close. Even those who manage the budgets of the police departments lamented the problems communities would face without a police presence.

She Guevara says that defunding police means taking away militarized equipment like tanks and re-investing the funds into the communities. Others have said it just means that when we call 911 in the future, it won’t be a police officer that comes to your house, but someone who specializes in your area of concern. What is important is that whatever the new incarnation will be, your privilege will no longer influence the response you receive to whatever problem you raise.

Defund, like the word “racism” now has a new meaning in our social justice world. It only means whatever it needs to be to advance a cause. One liberal I know became frustrated that this new definition was having trouble gaining traction because of the confusion. He compared it to “We can handle Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, why is this so difficult?”

Huh. Not sure the messaging is really all that clear with Black Lives Matter either, but I don’t think they are grasping the real issue. They never do.

Update: Saw this tweet come across my feed:

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