PD is retiring

.. again..

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our old friend Bill Schmalfeldt. He’s been keeping mostly to himself in Macomb, Illinois, working at a local radio station. Word has it that him and Lady Di have finally tied the knot.

Pretty sure Bill enjoyed the economic perks in the heartland of Trump’s America. After all, until the epidemic, the American economy was steamrolling all over Obama’s failed legacy. So its probably not much of a surprise that with a changing economic landscape, and businesses like radio stations are scrapping for advertising dollars, cost cuts are coming.

Could that be the reason?

According to a recent Facebook post, it’s a Parkinson’s Disease flare-up:

I have decided to retire effective July 1. The uptick in my PD symptoms and the recent issues with weakness in my left arm and hand lead me to believe my health needs to be my main focus. We’ll stay in Macomb for now and I plan to put together a home studio for podcasting and freelance voice work.

Several years ago, he had Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease and could barely walk. He often complained that his adversaries were trying to kill him by forcing him to travel to court to face consequences of his own actions. When his wife passed away, he suddenly dropped (with prejudice) a federal lawsuit he filed against a few folks who dared to stand up to him. He was losing badly anyway, so what better way to drop his case, and try to start a new life somewhere else.

Then, a miracle occurred in a renovated convent located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! After several months, he acquired a driver’s license and a car! Amazing that after many years where he gave up driving because of the progressive nature of PD, the debilitating disease went into unexplained remission. He was finally free of the walkers and wheelchairs!

Fast forward a couple of years, and he’s licking his wounds after suing his long-time adversaries and failing (just like the previous seven attempts) to get past a motion to dismiss in federal court. He scurried off to various places in the Midwest getting radio jobs in Iowa, Oklahoma, Montana, and finally Illinois. Good for him that he managed to get work and not stir up old adversaries. Interestingly, he retired more than few times.

Let’s hope that he keeps the cycle broken and embraces a quiet retirement. Members of Team Free Speech hope he chooses wisely and not return to his old ways. Remember, the stove is hot. Not sure if he remembers. We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “PD is retiring

  1. Remember when he swore, under penalty of perjury, that he couldn’t sit for more than 10 min without having to lay down? How many different jobs has he been fired from since he told that whopper?

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