Why is the party of science ignoring both science and data?

During an LA County Board of Supervisors meeting, Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that stay-at-home restrictions in some form would last until August.  This was in response to a question about suspending evictions within Los Angeles County.

According to an AP article published today, workers who are forced to go back to work risk becoming infected and getting sick.  The article points to three specific data points:  A construction firm in Austin that recently saw an spike in cases; Tyson food processing plants in Nebraska; and nursing homes in states that showed spikes from completed testing.

Context is important:  These data points are assembled from reports back in April when it became clear what was happening.  Since then, mitigation efforts have been implemented and it’s too early to evaluate if the virus has been contained.  What is important is that you don’t read the articles.

In both cases, the headlines are worded to spark outcry:

CBS Los Angeles: LA County Health Director: Stay-At-Home Orders Likely To Stay Through August

AP Article: As Trump urges reopening, thousands getting sick on the job

This afternoon, the Democrats announced another $3 trillion package that extends stimulus payments and also includes funding for local and state governments for lost revenue.  It appears the efforts of Democrat governors maintaining their lock down in the name of public health have a purpose.

Democrat governors have the top seven states of confirmed Chinese coronavirus cases and deaths. They also have the most stringent lock down orders. By contrast, the top 3 Republican led states (Georgia, Florida and Texas) have fractions of cases. Georgia opened up two weeks ago and has shown no upward trend and, is in fact, on a downward trend. Data and science supports the ever likely theory that these draconian lock down measures have not made a difference, and some experts say could have actually made it worse.

As I have said in previous posts, I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but it’s an odd coincidence that the media continues to raise alarms about the dangers of opening up, while simultaneously, the Democrats want to spend trillions in “rescue” legislation.  Democrat governors are all for pushing the debt onto future generations for their mistakes and Pelosi is happy to oblige.

Imagine how different it might have been had the Democrats not spent so much time fighting Trump at every turn, and instead, chose to work with Trump directly from the very beginning. This is not the culture that Democrats told us they would run on in 2018.  It was about healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc – all things that were meant to improve the lives of their constituents.  Instead, all voters got was a lousy impeachment pen and an economic mess the democrats are only too happy to make worse.. just to own Trump.

The science is telling us that Democrats are hurting America and continue to do so flagrantly with draconian and unscientific policies.  When will constituents decide they’ve had enough?

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