Can’t make this up..

Missing your brain

AOC is at it again.

According to the Democratic Socialist from Queens, going back to work doesn’t mean liberation.  She believes that under the current situation folks sitting at home, unemployed, is a wonderful thing.  And she shares this sitting at her lush apartment in Washington, DC while still collecting her $170,000 plus government paycheck.  Many of those workers she thinks should stand up and revolt would be doing so for free, and probably be homeless.

It’s pretty evident she hasn’t thought this through. Let’s have a thought experiment:  Given our current situation, does anyone think that AOC as President could handle the pandemic?  Does she have the mind to analyze and understand the complex delivery systems necessary to develop, manufacture and distribute … say cotton swabs for testing kits?  I know, it was a rhetorical question.

Based on her interviews and her comments as a member of Congress, she is obviously completely unfit to be the President, much less have a job assembling cotton swabs.  If we had a decent, or even a functional press corps, they would clearly showcase her overflowing ineptitude. Instead, she is allowed to promote her nonsense that will most likely kill those same people she harbors such profound love.

Stupid is a stupid does.


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