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That whole “due process” thing runs right into #MeToo

She had a different take during the Kavanaugh nomination:

I agree that Joe Biden, and any other politician accused of wrongdoing, should have due process. I also agree that women should have their allegations investigated and deserve empathy and respect.

What is ironic is her lack of shouting from the rooftops about credible accusations against Biden after spending so much public effort for Kavanaugh’s removal from the nomination process over accusations that were proffered, investigated and ultimately found to be without merit.

The press has done little to even look into Biden’s behavior. Milano is silent on their lack of effort because Joe is her guy and she needs him to defeat Trump.  Biden won’t defeat Trump anyway, but she can’t let herself believe that. In other words, she must do what the press did to Obama – cover for all his failures, even if it means abandoning her principles.

In short – typical Hollywood liberal hypocrite.

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