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I’m not one to promote conspiracy theories, but..

This tweet came across my feed:

This is Professor Kent Wong at UCLA.  He is the Director of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UCLA. He teaches Labor Studies and Asian American Studies and was once a member of the Communist Party.

In his class, he wants to employ the young impressionable minds of his students to embark on a Wokeness campaign because of the threats posed to immigrants and people of color during this pandemic.

This looks exactly like the type of Chinese propaganda infiltration that has been reported on as China looks to repair its reputation for spreading the virus.  And its possible this effort is coordinated because something more sinister may be going on.

Here are some tweets that have also come across my feed:

James Woods shared the first one.  Others shared videos in his thread:

I’ve seen even more on Facebook. It shows that people who appear to be Asian are performing intentional acts to contaminate areas that an unsuspecting person may also come in contact with and subsequently become infected with whatever they are carrying.

That’s not to say that people who aren’t Asian haven’t done similar acts.  Social media is an open platform for both smart and, to a larger extent, a much less smart bunch of folks. Even Bill Schmalfeldt is still allowed to tweet despite his decades of lying, deceit, and utter failures.

With that said, social media is a forum where people share raw video of their lives.  A lot of it is without context or edited to make a point.  However, some don’t require any editing and the viewer can easily discern its meaning.  And these videos shows something sinister is happening around the world.

It’s entirely possible that a couple of these may be staged to provoke fear and panic. I have no way of verifying the veracity of these videos.  I’m just sharing them because I’ve seen a growing number of them over the last few days and it’s piqued my interest.

Of the hate crimes that have been reported over the years by the media, almost all were staged by leftists and/or liberals in an attempt to paint conservatives as racist or bigoted.  Most of these attempts are meant to promote the narrative that these wouldn’t happen if Trump hadn’t been elected.  The videos in the tweets above, however, are different because of the nature of Chinese Covid-19 virus that is hurting the country and killing Americans.

If this is staged, then the people behind it should be exposed and ridiculed. If not, they should be incarcerated and punished severely under laws of terrorism.  The motives of these individuals should be brought to the forefront so that everyday people who are already anxious about the future can know what is actually happening.  And if there is a connection to China, it should be revealed so that people are informed about our greatest geopolitical adversary.

Many of China’s citizens who travel around the world are loyal to their government and are willing pawns to do its bidding.  That’s not xenophobic or racist because its been documented over and over.  China has an agenda of world domination and what better time to weaken adversaries to become the world’s leader.  Notice how the press has been lapping at the communist propaganda of China’s government wanting to “help the world” while denying the government’s own complicity.

Of course, none of this matters to Professor Wong and the liberals who are trying so hard to convince us that any fears we have are rooted in systemic racism, and we must combat it by any and all means.  The Chinese government has spent time on social media trying to play the race card despite Twitter being banned in China.  It’s really interesting that while this pandemic originated in China, Professor Wong is using his online learning curriculum to promote a social justice campaign that essentially silences criticism of China in the name of racism.

Whether this is part of a great conspiracy remains to be seen.  Don’t count on the media to help. They are busy trying to push the narrative that Trump didn’t react fast enough to the threat.  They believe this is more important than the real threat from China.

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