Democrats are a mess


Super Tuesday is just the start.

Reading some of Twitter and my Facebook feed, I’ve noticed a lot of Warren supporters were quite upset that she under performed.  Along side  many of those posts were Warren supporters carefully explaining why they switched at the last minute to vote for Biden.  It was fun reading the comments and responses.  Pretty vicious stuff.

Bernie supporters are incensed and promise retribution. Even Cenk Uygur has said this is not over and promises that Bernie will ultimately win.  His latest meltdown on Biden’s strong night resembles a lot of the rhetoric he’s made before.  It’s funny watching him just go crazy. Oh, and he barely finished fourth in his race gaining only 5% of the vote despite promises he was winning.

With Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropping out earlier in the week and endorsing Biden, many of those supporters at the polls pulled the lever for the former Vice President in what appears to be a calculated maneuver to stave off the threat from Bernie Sanders.  Sanders caused an upheaval with his comments about former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.  Cubans told the DNC in no uncertain terms that if Bernie wins the nomination, they will not vote for him and Florida would be lost.  The Democrats need Florida this round to have any shot of beating Trump.

Yesterday, DNC’s former chair Donna Brazile was incensed that GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel had the gall to call out what is so obviously happening behind the doors of DNC headquarters.  She told McDaniel to “go to hell!” The GOP Chair has hit a nerve. Whenever Brazile has been involved in controversy, she gets upset because she can’t control the narrative. It doesn’t take a rocket science to see that the establishment has turned on Bernie and she knows what’s happening.  Brazile herself has said she does not want to see Sanders get the nomination.  She gave up the plot when she went off the rails.

It’s pretty clear that the Democrats want to appear moderate, despite each candidate having policies very similar to Sanders: Gun control and confiscation, single payer or medicare for all coverage, higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations, ending border enforcement, revoking all travel bans from terrorist countries, and undoing every Trump Executive Order.  Biden has already commissioned failed Beto O’Rourke as his gun control spokesman.  It’s going to be hard for Biden to shake off things like, “I am going to raise your taxes” to obvious disapproval from primary voters.

The problem democrats have is that neither Joe nor Bernie can take down Trump by themselves. Without a strong candidate who can unite all the splintered factions, Trump maintains the advantage.  If the Republican primary numbers are any indication, turnout for Trump may be at record breaking levels come November.

If Biden ultimately wins the nomination, he will provide petabytes of video clips for the GOP and the republican candidates.  What the democrats are really focused on are the down ballot candidates. They believe that Biden’s nomination will help preserve the House and perhaps help take the Senate even if Trump wins.  Bernie’s nomination puts those candidates in serious jeopardy in a year where voter turnout is expected to be high. Biden is figured to stop the bleeding. Good luck with that.

One question that will be answered:  Just how much money will Bloomberg spend to support Biden?  (Democratic – ha!) Socialists are already leery of the billionaire influences which will work against him in unifying the party come August.  Will Bloomberg make TV stations great again while helping Trump to win?  Bloombergs ads were already an annoyance beyond belief.  So I’m not sure what mini-Mike hopes to gain using a similar strategy with Biden, who himself is going to be his own worst enemy.

Sanders, though, is not giving up. While the pundits bash him and are saying he doesn’t have a strong path for the delegates to win the nomination, his team’s focus on keeping Biden from reaching the threshold.  The Democrats are running under Sanders’ rules for winning delegates and even if he couldn’t win it outright, it creates pathways for him to force a brokered convention where he could still come out on top.

There are still five months before the conventions.  Please enjoy the popcorn of your choice.

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