Uh huh..

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Yeah, let’s run with that.

Colin Kaepernick is publishing a memoir.

From the article:

“I learned early on that in fighting against systematic oppression, dehumanization and colonization, who controls the narrative shapes the reality of how the world views society,” Kaepernick said Tuesday in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY Sports. “It controls who’s loved, who’s hated, who’s degraded and who’s celebrated.”

Let me get this straight:  A former African American NFL QB player who

  • played in a Superbowl under a multi-million dollar contract…
  • decided to get political and brought backlash to the organization after becoming a second stringer…
  • later OPTED OUT of his contract even though he knew he might not get picked up by another team..
  • gets a multi-million dollar endorsement deal to promote a company who sells overpriced sports wear made by slave labor from Eastern Asia…
  • has the NFL organize a tryout to have him get placed only to not show up at the last minute while saying he and his agent are ready to talk..

…wants to raise awareness of systemic oppression and dehumanization in America in a book being published by *squints*.. his own publishing company?

Let’s not forget that he was raised in a family with significant means.

But yeah, there is so much oppression in this country from colonization since the 1300’s.

2 thoughts on “Uh huh..

    • I wouldn’t bet on it. There are a lot of people out there that would buy his book just so they could point to it on their shelf and virtue signal their wokeness. Of course they won’t read it.

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