A tale of two candidates


Pocahontas really showed her colors.

A broke college student, who wants her candidate to win, gave half of what she had left in her bank account to the struggling campaign of millionaire Senator Elizabeth Warren.

One of Warren’s campaign promises is to cancel all remaining student debt and to have the government pay for all college education going forward. Instead of recognizing the problem right in front of her, Warren decides to take the money and give the young woman a selfie in return.

The college student now has to hope that Warren keeps her promise for the future for the $3 she spent.  In short, the student bought a lottery ticket.

I’m not sure if what Warren says is completely true since she has a tendency to lie.  But for the sake of argument, let’s assume this actually happened.  Why didn’t she do the responsible thing and say, “No honey, please keep your money and here’s an extra $20 so you can at least get something decent to eat”?   Liberals claim wealthy people care little for the poor.  Warren managed to prove it.

Warren has made plenty of gaffes in this race to go along with her terrible lies, but this one could have worked in her favor had she been smart enough to be the responsible adult here.

Contrast that with a volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. Shane Bouvet, a 24 year old Fedex driver and supporter of Trump was a struggling single father featured in a Washington Post story.  Trump had become impressed with him after reading his profile and invited him to the inaugural ball.  After meeting the President and getting to know him, Trump had a staffer cut a $10,000 check to him.

In one instance, we have someone who had an opportunity to show liberals do care about those less fortunate. Warren failed that test miserably.  Trump not only helped another human (note, the driver only volunteered his time) but ran on a platform to help people economically. He’s delivered. She took half of someone’s bank account for her campaign that probably didn’t need it and brags about it in the hope it spurs more poor folks to give up their money and votes.  She’s never helped a single person in the way Trump has.

It’s pretty obvious that millionaire Elizabeth Warren is like a used car salesman who pockets the money and leaves the customer in a worse position.  While she thinks her proposals would help her base, they are more than likely to put a lot more people in the same financial position – very low bank accounts without much promise of recovering.

At least with Trump, the volunteer on his campaign got some extra money.  I know for me, I got 10 times that in the three years since he was elected.  Warren, the millionaire,  got three more bucks.  And she’s proud of who she took it from.

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