Dumbass Tweet O’Day

Good God

The Civil War never ended!!

Let me get this straight:  The fact that not enough Republican senators were swayed by the House’s shoddy impeachment investigation to allow additional witnesses to testify despite the overwhelming evidence in the House manager’s report somehow makes Trump the President of the Confederacy?

Trump is the worst confederate President ever by allowing the unemployment rate for black Americans to fall to historic lows.   Yep, he should have been impeached to officially end the confederacy.

The only war is the one Democrats are waging on Trump’s presidency.  And they are losing.  If I recall correctly, the Democrats made up the Confederacy.  Didn’t work out well then, either.

2 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’Day

  1. Weird. I grew up in the Land of Grant (literally one of the names the region used for itself, as US Grant was born and grew up here), went to college in the Land of Lincoln, one branch of my ancestors came from a Union state, one briefly served in the Union army, I think slavery is one of humanity’s worst evils, and have never wished the Confederates had won or that the “South will rise again” — yet I’m a “Confederate” because some coastal twink is upset that the president isn’t Hillary Clinton.

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