Dumbass Tweet O’Day

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Come on, man!

The rally in Richmond was never a white nationalist rally; it is a pro-gun rally in response to the democrat controlled legislature enacting draconian restrictions on guns. Almost all of the counties not affiliated with the northern suburbs of liberal Washington D.C. have declared themselves as “gun sanctuaries”.

And yet, a “reporter” for NBC is asking those covering the event to verify information before pushing propaganda.  Irony and self-awareness are obviously not in this dude’s wheelhouse.

3 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’Day

  1. It is not even a rally, although it may turn into one now. The VCDL (Virginia Civil Defense League) once a years hold Lobby Day, an event where members of the VCDL go around to various legislative offices and lobby on behalf of pro gun laws. After the visitings are over there is typically a small meetup on the Capitol lawn and a few speeches. The last few years there have been a small number of gun control people as well, but things always remain very peaceful. Many VCDL members have concealed carry licenses and in the past were able to carry in the Capitol buildings. The Democrats with finally achieving full control, in the modern era, have decided they need to pass as many stupid gun laws as possible, so Lobby day is a much bigger thing, especially with the Governor declaring a state of emergency. I think the only pressure that can be brought is against dems in rural districts, if there are any left. The urban dems do not care about the pro gun vote, but the rural ones might. Note: I have not been to past events and are not going to todays, mostly because I hate crowds and they are expecting o lot of people today.

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