Magic Wands


President Obama mentioned something about them in June 2016.

In fantasy literature, a magic wand is an instrument used by a wizard, sorceress, fairy godmother or some mystical figure to cast spells or alter some physical thing.  In the tale of “Cinderella”, the fairy godmother used her magic wand to change mice into horses, pumpkins into chariots and create form fitting, rule 5 quality ball gowns with a flick of the wrist.

Many people throughout the ages have marveled at the possibilities of owning a fully functional magic wand.  Alas, actually owning one and seeing the possibilities is just a fantasy.

Or is it?

Remember back during the summer of 2016: President Obama made a comment during a PBS forum suggesting manufacturing jobs would only return with the help of a magic wand.  While he claimed that the US manufacturing base was growing (without providing any statistics), he blamed offshoring and automation for the loss of jobs in manufacturing.

Turning to trade, Obama shared that his strategy in negotiating agreements were focused on improving the economic and environmental conditions in other countries – in effect, trying to raise the cost of labor to make the US more competitive.  That’s the same thing as saying he wanted to improve the lives of foreigners because it would eventually help Americans.

Of course, he was full of hot air. His arrogance was nothing short of phenomenal  when he suggested that no one could negotiate better trade deals to bring back American jobs.. unless they had a magic wand.  He simply stated that Trump offered no answer to solving the jobs problem.

Obviously, Obama was not only proven wrong, but ironically, I think he was really on to something about the magic wand.  Since Trump was elected, something has changed in our country that can only be attributed to a form of magic.

Consider this: He’s managed to make conservative who called themselves “Never Trumpers” to not only abandon conservative principles, but embrace evil liberal ideology, including support for the very liberal elites they once denounced.  Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is now just a shell of human being.  Rick Wilson is like a wolverine chasing its tail.  Ana Navarro has turned racist huckster.  And the hosts of The View have embraced racist Richard Spencer now that he doesn’t like Trump.  He’s even made a few republicans out of democrats.

And it’s not just Never Trumper’s who’ve been altered by the wand. Trump has managed to make every single democrat embrace white supremacists, anti-semitism, Islamic terrorists, and socialism. Democrats have flipped their positions on border security, impeachment, labor unions, patent reform, and droning terrorists.  They’ve adopted pro-criminal policies such as no cash bail, public defecation and urination, homeless encampments, overt drug use, and petty theft.  They want to release hardened criminals from jail and no longer prosecute shoplifters for anything under a thousand dollars.

Democrats have embraced repeal of the first, second, fourth and fifth amendments of the Bill of Rights.  They want to end the electoral college that’s worked for them in the past and re-write the constitution to also include things such as hate speech protections. They want to create legislation that will protect snowflakes from being offended. And they openly reject science, natural facts, and biology in favor of feelings.

And yet, while the left is self-immolating practically every single day, Trump’s economic and trade policies have seen growths in all sectors of the economy.  Trillions of dollars of foreign investment has returned.  Liberals such as Paul Krugman predicted economic collapse.  Instead almost 3% annual GDP growth, over 50% growth in the stock market, and trillions in new wealth generated.

At the same time, unemployment is at historically low levels for all classes of workers.  Wage growth is the greatest at the bottom tier of earners.  There are more open positions of employment than there are people to fill them.  Trade schools are experiencing a renaissance as more young and even middle age people are training for labor jobs.

And we’re going to need them.  Construction continues to expand.  The housing market is on a steady upward trajectory.  Even some analysts are now saying that any signs of a recession that existed a few months ago have faded away.  If you want to have good job, nice home, a couple of cars and kids, now is the time.

I could easily explain the great economy on just sound economic principles.  While not everything is good, such as the alarming growth of the national debt, the overall climate is immensely positive.

As for the rest of it: I think I could make a case that Donald Trump has a magic wand. In fact, he may even be the wand itself. And Trump Derangement Syndrome might actually be a magic spell.

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