Yeah, go with that.


Elizabeth Warren doesn’t care about you.

After the White Settlement church shooting this past Sunday, liberals have been struggling to come up with answers to their narrative that good guys with guns can’t stop bad guys.

The person who wanted to shoot members of the congregation was a felon.  He wanted to kill people with a gun he was not supposed to possess.  The citizen who took him out has a gun and was able to neutralize him in six seconds. Unfortunately, two people lost their lives by the gunman’s attack.

There are numerous incidents of good guys with guns stopping bad people with guns. In most cases, few if anyone is hurt other than the perp.

Even with overwhelming evidence, Warren doesn’t want citizens to protect themselves.

Warren is already struggling in her campaign.  This issue is not helping her.  She has chosen the side of criminals who want to kill you rather than allow you to protect yourself and your fellow citizens.

I’m glad her campaign is in the tank.  She lied about her life and appropriated the Native American culture as her own using it to profit.  Her ideas would cause economic harm to millions more Americans.  And she just as soon let you be defenseless and die from the hands of criminals.

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