Dumbass Tweet O’Day

Problem with Stupid People

2019 democrats continue their fight against Trump until midnight with more stupidity than ever before.

In Iraq, Iranian backed militants attacked the US embassy in Baghdad over military attacks launched by the US earlier in the week along the Iraq-Syrian border.

It would seem that the stunning footage of terrorist wannabe’s has democrats seeing similarities to the Benghazi disaster:

Unlike Benghazi, the Trump administration knows the perpetrators and is not trying to build a false narrative based on video no one saw.  This is not a random protest that just happen to spring up.  Pentagon and State Department leaders are responding decisively to protect American citizens with a force of 100 Marines from Kuwait.

Iran is now on notice that the United States is not going stand by and watch their influence go unchallenged.  This won’t be a repeat of the disastrous Obama/Clinton leadership that saw the deaths of Americans and an ambassador.  What’s even more appalling is that some on the left want to see American soldiers killed just to own Trump.

Just keep doing this, lefties.  You’re making me and others want to pour more money into the Trump campaign.

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