Democrat equals Fascist

You're actually serious

Remember when AOC said the US was turning fascist?  Perhaps she should look at her own party.

In Virginia, the newly minted democrat controlled legislature is looking to implement new legislation that abolish suburban single family zoning throughout the state.

Ibraheem Samirah, a Democrat delegate to the Virginia House has submitted bills giving the state powers to override local zoning laws to force multiple family housing units in suburban areas.  He says that these areas are “mostly white and wealthy” and local officials have been ignoring the poor.

“The real issues are the areas in between very dense areas which are single-family zoned. Those are the areas that the state is having significant trouble dealing with. They’re living in a bubble,” he said.

The rationale for his measures are that “research” proves urban areas are more environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to climate change and CO2 emissions; and that zoning is a barrier to more affordable housing and integrated communities.

Samirah relies on the research cited by prominent liberal websites like which use faulty data and methodologies.  They promote the idea that denser population areas are far more “greener” based on the lifestyles of residents.  None of the research considers the enormous amount of energy it takes not only to power the city itself, but to also provide food, water, clothing, furniture, materials, maintenance, repairs, etc, to sustain residents in the city.  In other words, CO2 emissions are often attributed to rural, industrial and suburban areas that support urban areas, skewing footprint numbers in favor of an urban lifestyle.

In addition to the environmental aspect, he unsurprisingly invokes race which aligns with the entire social justice narrative.

“Because middle housing is what’s most affordable for low-income people and people of color, banning that housing in well-off neighborhoods chalks up to modern-day redlining, locking folks out of areas with better access to schools, jobs, transit, and other services and amenities.”

In other words, living in suburban areas offer better lifestyles than what is offered in urban areas. Using his logic, local municipal and county officials are creating havens that negatively affect poor people – poor people that happen to live in ..

.. democrat controlled urban areas.

The bigger point, though, is that democrats have no problem forcing a flawed ideology on people, which is how they got Donald Trump in the first place.  Liberal elitists have no trouble passing harsh judgment on those who are not liberal, especially suburban and rural voters.

Even so, the question begs to be asked:  If urban life is supposedly better, why do people choose not to live there?  And an even bigger question is why aren’t the democrats working to create the same amenities for urban residents?  Instead of asking those questions, Samirah believes there is a moral imperative that requires an intrusive government solution.

This is what democrats do, just like they did with Obamacare.  Democrats claimed that there was a huge problem of under-insured and non-insured Americans driving up health care costs and hurting poor Americans. They came up with a program using flawed academics (read crooked, if not criminal) to force the country into a scheme that has done little to make health care any more affordable, especially for the targeted constituents.

Obamacare has, though, created more wealthy politicians, insurance industry executives, and medical providers.  For the hundred million or so like me, we’ve had to pony up more out of pocket costs.  My quality of healthcare didn’t really change other than I had far fewer insurance choices that were quite a bit more expensive.  Many millions did lose their cheaper and better healthcare plans and were forced, like me, to subsidize millions of others.

In the end, Obamacare has yet to live up to the hype.  I don’t expect Samirah’s plan will do much to change the climate and end racism except make a bunch of lawyers, politicians and others with power wealthier.

He said if local officials seek to change requirements like setbacks to make it impossible to build dense housing in areas zoned to preserve a nature feel, “if they make setbacks to block duplexes, there’d have to be a lawsuit to resolve whether those zoning provisions were necessary.”

Now, why would ordinary citizens that want to govern themselves in their own cities and communities need to sue to get exceptions?  Sounds like a scheme to me.

With Virginia voters already having buyers remorse on the progressive legislature that aims to deprive them of their Second Amendment rights, I can’t imagine why they’ll think this is a great deal as well. I wonder if the Second Amendment sanctuary cities will also become housing ones as well?  Wonder how the Virginia National Guard will handle enforcement?

Yep, Ms. She Guevara, the country is becoming fascist alright. And it ain’t from the Trump side.

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