Update on PD


Been a while.

Over at Hogewash!, John has shared a couple of images of our good friend, Bill Schmalfeldt.  Ol’ Bill continues to bounce between gigs in states Trump won, which makes this tweet kinda funny:

I wonder why he couldn’t get a nice gig in a liberal town at a liberal radio station.  Reputation thing? Talent gap? He’s too white?

It has also become apparent that the torrid love affair between him and Lady Di is no longer.

A couple of years ago, there was supposed to be a magical union in Connecticut that promised a new and refurbished smile on the bride to be as a wedding gift.  At one point, it was predicated on finally winning a federal lawsuit in South Carolina against several of my fellow bloggers and readers. There was even a threat by him to include me into the lawsuit via an amended complaint.

Despite Schmalfeldt’s impressive legal acumen, sadly his case was eventually dismissed from lack of jurisdiction – a common refrain in his string of failed legal adventures as a pro-se Chief Prosecutor.  Also disappointing: The defendants lost no wives, property or money.  His opponents also bore no legal costs.

Another commonality between those lawsuits is him leveraging his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis.  During his stint as a pro-se prosecutor, he claimed the disease’s progression had left him practically invalid. Once the legal challenges were no longer a concern, the disease went into remission.  No one knows exactly when the disease will strike next, but for some odd reason, it literally requires a court of law to flare up.

So with Lady Di’s Twitter account’s going quiet, and Schmalfeldt moving all over the Midwest, perhaps the promise of acquiring wealth through the courts has finally run out. Or any wealth accumulation that involves constant moving has become tiresome. In any event, I am assuming that the grand wedding day is on indefinite hold.

Anyway, yes, I’m still tracking him and will be for as long as he is alive. Lately, I’ve had to keep just one eye on him because, like Schmalfeldt, I too am prospering in this Trump economy, although I think my results are much better.  So long as he stays focused on his career, things should be fine for both of us.

The reason I keep up with him is because he wanted my attention, just like others he’s tried to drag into court.  Despite his prognostication that his legal career would bring him great wealth, wives, and property at the expense of his enemies, he continues to work short stints at various radio stations across Trump country, as long as his PD remains in remission.

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