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Lack of self-awareness is part of the liberal ideology.

Nancy Pelosi is leading a delegation of Democrats from Congress to the annual international Climate Summit where elites will gather together, have fancy drinks and rub elbows with one another while they talk strategy on how to push their agenda on the average global citizen.

The people attending what is billed as COP25 in Madrid, Spain, have all decided that the science is settled: Man is altering the climate of the planet and not in a good way.  They describe it as, “the existential thread of our time.”

Nancy explains it this way:

“Taking action to protect our planet is a public health decision for clean air and clean water for our children, an economic decision for creating the green, good-paying jobs of the future, a national security decision to address resource competition and climate migration and also a moral decision to be good stewards of God’s creation and pass a sustainable, healthy planet to the next generation,” she said. “On behalf of the U.S. Congress, I am proud to travel to COP25 to reaffirm the commitment of the American people to combating the climate crisis.”

In her district alone, she has an affordable housing crisis and drug problem that has created a severe homeless crisis.  Drug addicts and homeless live on the street, littering the local environment with used needles, feces, and a rise of disease.  And it’s not just in her district, but also in Los Angeles and other cities where Democrats continue to impose their progressive policies.

Included in her delegation are four other California democrats that represent some of those same squalid areas.  Also tagging along, perhaps as comedic relief, is Arizona’s own alcoholic congressman, Raul Grijalva who initiated attacks against a number of scientists who don’t toe the line.

Any reasonable person would understand that if you’re going to solve the existential threat of our time, you need to send the best experts and talent available.  This group can’t even handle the problems in their own district.

Then again, this conference is not really about solving the problems of the planet because it’s not under any threat from man.  It’s about trying to pursue ideological changes under the umbrella of dangerous climate change, which makes sense when you look at who Nancy picked to attend: Only yes people.  Or more aptly, clowns.

When these people are on the campaign trail promoting their accomplishments, I’m sure this one will generate a lot of “Oh thank you!” from citizens who experience power outages in our “supposed” advanced society.

The imaginary threat will continue to live in the minds of left.  Meanwhile, global warming continues to fall as snow in the US early.  A few years ago, some scientists were saying the earth was due for a cold spell in the early 2020’s.  Only thirty days to January 1 – 2020.

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