Can’t wait for it!


Elizabeth Warren will release how much her version of Medicare for All will cost.. in the coming weeks.

The DNC’s media arm, CNN, is reporting that Elizabeth Warren is reviewing several proposals on how to pay for her Medicare for All plan.

She has been asked several times to explain what her plan would cost and responds only  with, “My view on this, and what I have committed to, is costs will go down for hard-working, middle-class families.”  This is about as clear as the Mutara Nebula.

I am going to guess Liz’s advisers are no different than the quality folks who advised Obama on Affordable Care Act: Academics and left-leaning think tank hacks who preach, “lie to the voter.”

We all know why this will take weeks to reveal.  The plan will have to provide even fuzzier numbers and details, so the trick here is to figure out the gimmick and the message – a jingle that can be put into voters heads they can easily remember and avoid any unnecessary questioning.  That’s what is taking so long because I’m sure the focus groups keep saying, “Yeah, no this isn’t going to fly.”

Considering how she’s handled her own ethnicity campaign, and her story of teaching at a young age where she supposedly was fired, I’m sure this time, people will believe.

3 thoughts on “Can’t wait for it!

  1. How can I file a complaint that she isn’t doing her job as my Senator? She is spending all her time running for President. It seems like she should have to resign/step aside when doing this, and let someone else do the work of Senator. Maybe an Oath of Office violation?

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