Not surprised.


Democrat town halls, professional sports teams and global companies don’t love the US as much as they love another.

This past week, I’ve been able to work from my home office getting paperwork completed for the third quarter. This has allowed me to do some catching up on the spreading infection of Trump Derangement Syndrome among liberals.  I can’t tell you how bad it is when American sports teams, many who have played on the US Olympic team have suddenly decided that communist oppression is a .. uh.. good thing?

Last weekend, Houston Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey tweeted his support for the struggling and democracy-loving Hong Kong protesters.  Normally, such expression would not be a problem, and certainly not in this country.  A US citizen loves freedom above all else!  What loving American doesn’t want to see democracy spread around the world?

However, for Morey, this was the equivalent of a mortal sin.  You see, the NBA has been trying to make inroads into the Chinese markets for a couple of decades.  Teams are on tour in China showcasing American basketball wizardry in sold out venues across the communist country.  And it’s a VERY.. and I mean VERY..  lucrative engagement. Apparently, the NBA can’t make enough money with American and European fans paying for overpriced game tickets and Nike sportswear.

NBA business suits were terribly appalled that an American citizen… I mean, general manager,  employed by their company would show support for democracy loving people in China who have been waving the American flag and singing the “Stars and Stripes” en mass.  Surely, this speaks to the hearts of an American who loves Old Glory and what it stands for!

So immediately, the league offices tried to offer a sincere apology for supporting the ideology of freedom and democracy. Well, mostly they condemned the tweet of a “rogue GM” who doesn’t share the league’s “values” while trying not to offend the American public, and failed miserably. A few of the more notable players were questioned about this stunning development from reporters.  They looked like they were desperately trying to remember what was taught in their high school civics classes about “democracy” and whether supporting such a thing was good or not. Failing to convince anyone they were making any sense, a few uttered something along the lines of, “China can’t be as bad as Trump.” Even ESPN decided that covering this brouhaha was not “newsworthy.”

The Chinese masters obviously did not feel the NBA was on board with the rules of strict propaganda, and certainly, they were not happy.  Chinese businesses working with the NBA have now cut ties making it very clear that support for freedom and democracy is tantamount to political terrorism.  This support for an opposing political ideology is extremely offensive to the communist loving people of China.

Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors has Stage 8 Trump Derangement Syndrome. His visible symptoms of the disorder causes him to uncontrollably share many scathing public statements how the President is a threat to . *squints*..  to.. to American democracy, apparently not understanding that the Chinese government is also opposed to .. yes.. wait for it.. American democracy … and the US as a whole.  Donald Trump is just as much a thorn in the side of the Chinese government as the self-righteous NBA, but for different reasons.

But when Coach Ameri-Kerr was pressed by the media about the Hong Kong protests and the fight to preserve their ever shrinking freedoms, all he could say is that he really doesn’t bother with all that nonsense because it’s “complicated”,  but he for sure knows their society doesn’t have deal with people carrying AR-15’s… or something. Remember when NBA players were incensed about Laura Ingraham telling them “Shut up and dribble!”?  I bet they regret not following her advice now!

If there are any Hong Kong protesters reading this blog, please note that the management and players of the NBA do not care about the American flag you’re parading around for the world to see.  They do not care about the principles of freedom and democracy – those outlandish ideologies that actually made them wealthy.. and pontificating assholes. If anything, they do love your money.

So, do not expect these American “patriots” to come to Hong Kong and stand with you singing the National Anthem. Nor will they provide any resources to help you in your fight despite the millions of dollars they are making in your country. That shining beacon of freedom is not a concern of the NBA. They only care about the money Beijing will give them for performing in mainland arenas and if you all just shut up, watch a basketball game and endure oppressive rule, everything will be fine.  And if not, should you happen to die tomorrow from a PRC soldier’s bullet, know that the NBA organization will stand with the soldiers who are protecting their money.

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