Dumbass Tweet O’Day

Haha no


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m certainly not terrified of Greta or her minions. If anything, I think her parents should be jailed for child abuse.

But afraid of her? Highly doubtful anyone is. I’m laughing at you Molly, you dumbass!

2 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’Day

  1. That is exactly like the damnable meme going around about “Socialism means everyone helping one another. Here are examples of government socialism. Which one do you want to eliminate? Why are republicans afraid of socialism?”
    Which is total foolishness and misdirection; there is so much wrong with both statements that responding would take more time and room than I have.

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  2. Greta’s handlers (puppet masters) use a teenage girl to get out their message so when people with common sense disagree with her the useful idiots will respond by saying they are afraid of a teenage girl.


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